Why we're all failing at self-care (but you can do better!)

What is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think about needing to make changes to be happier in your life?

I'm guessing self-care is on that list.

Self-care has gained a lot of popularity as a buzzword in the last several years when it comes to personal development and improving our lives.

But if it's such an important piece, why are so many of us still feeling trapped, discontented?

Because self-care is in direct conflict with the way we are wired!

We are wired to put others first. We are wired to make sure that we are being a helpful contributing member of society (so that we don't get kicked out of the cave), no matter what we want or need for ourselves.

We're taught to put those needs last.

So it could be argued that self-care comes down to learning to put ourselves first. And yeah, that's part of it.

But then, let's say I go ahead and make the decision, "Today, I'm going to be my top priority, I'm going to make myself the top of the list!"

What happens then?

Well, if...

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5 ways you may be sabotaging yourself!

You have dreams. You have a vision for the life you want to be living.


We all do. That’s part of what makes us HUMAN!


But if we have these dreams, why are we so often not LIVING them?


Why do we keep striving for them and wanting them and wishing for them… and still not having them?


So often, we can see that life SOOO clearly… except we’re still not living it. Still not able to get there. Still stuck living the reality where we feel trapped.


But the reality is that ANYTHING is possible for you.


So why don’t you have what you want already?


Here are five common reasons I’ve found when working with my clients.


#1: You don’t really know what you want.


This was so true for me for so long. I THOUGHT I knew what I wanted, except that I wasn’t sure if it felt right still. This was true before I bought my practice, when I knew I wanted to be more in control of my life and thought...

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The power of intention (or not having any...)

I spent last week on PTO, my first full true 9 days of vacation and not answering my phone and not working in YEARS!


It was absolutely amazing.


The first half was spent at home with my family for my birthday and the second half was spent in Cancun for one of my best friend’s weddings.


As I was planning the Cancun branch (really the whole week, but the Cancun trip specifically), I ran into an interesting situation that was hugely valuable as a reminder to me, so I wanted to share it with you.


If you’ve been with me long at all, you know I freaking love to travel. It is my passion in life.


And I had never been to Mexico (despite living so close to the border several times in my life…). 


So needless to say, I was unbelievably excited for this trip, especially when you add in the lack of travel or seeing people during COVID, and I was both traveling and seeing one of my favorite people!


Anyway, the wedding was at a...

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The most commonly missed boundary

Hey friend!


Last night we did a workshop on boundaries with the Happy Vet Society members. 


There was an underlying theme during the majority of the workshop that I wanted to share with you today.


During the workshop, we discussed several different boundary situations. We talked about how to respond when “friends” (aka random people) message us asking for free veterinary advice. We discussed how to handle constant contact and questions from staff on our days off (especially when there’s other docs in the building). We also chatted about setting boundaries around appointments, how many to see and what to do when short staffed.


And we found a common thread throughout these situations: Our need to people-please, and our guilt when we don’t!


Boundaries are one of the most important things we can implement to truly transform our lives.


But the thing that is so often missed is that there are two kinds of boundaries:...

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The Best Question to Move Yourself Forward!

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The Question You Should Be Asking

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When The Clients Aren't The Problem


If you're ready to stop dwelling and start moving forward:

Join the 5 day challenge at www.kickburnouttothecurb.com

Or book a free call to see if the EPIC and Aligned Mastermind can help you heal your trauma so that you can move from where you are to where you want to be: www.epiclifecalls.com

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Relationships Can Make Trauma WORSE

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