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Veterinary Women: Join us for our next Happy Vet Retreat

Nov 5-7, 2021 in Asheville, NC

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Free 5 Day Challenge

Our FREE 5 day challenge that helps you figure out why you're staying stuck and how you can start to move away from burnout towards a better work/life balance! (Originally filmed for veterinarians but good for ANYONE who is ready for some changes in your life!)

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Happy Vet Society

(At this time, only for veterinary professionals): Our amazing community for veterinary women who are ready to take charge of your life and bring the fun back to your life and career! Includes group calls, monthly workshops, weekly tasks, and more!

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The Mastermind

(Open to all women who are ready and committed to turning your vision board into your reality!) Our VIP community for those who are truly ready and committed to creating that change in your life! Includes everything in the Society plus so much more support, insight, and coaching!

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Thrive by Intention

Dr. Jenny's 6 module program that takes you deep into the stories and beliefs that have created the reality you have so. far, and helps you change them so that you can start to create the reality you WANT!

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If you are ready to make some changes but aren't sure which program would be right for you to start, then book a free discovery call. Dr. Jenny will chat with you about what's going on in your life, where. you want your life to be, and what the best path would be to help you get there!

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